Sunday, May 16, 2010

Whitethorn: the Garden City

The city of Whitethorn is located in the dry southern half of the western continent, Vatanavrish, and is one of the chief cities of that land. It is built of brilliant white stone around a natural geyser, which has been harnessed by the leaders of the city to only irrigate the city's innumerable gardens, but also to power the enchanted clockwork systems which keep the city running.

When Whitethorn was built long, long ago, the land was not desert, but green and prosperous. During the Dry Years, when the past became legend and many things were lost, the land became barren. At that time, the leaders of the city had the forethought to acquire every species of vegetation they could, and replant them in the city, where they built ingenious systems of pipes and aqueducts to keep them watered. The great fountain at the center of the city came from deep within the earth and had not dried up, and thus the gardens thrived. Flowering shrubs of all imaginable colors sprawled over every wall and bridge. Gigantic trellises formed the walls of many buildings, overgrown with ancient vines. Mighty trees lined every terrace, surrounded by masses of brilliant flowers. Roofs fell out of fashion and homes more and more often became glorified arbors, with fruit trees dropping their produce right down into the kitchens and bedrooms of the city.

In short, Whitethorn became a glittering white and emerald jewel in the middle of the deserts of Din, a fantastic garden of a city, where human and plant life dwelt alongside each other in perfect harmony.


I apologize for the first picture. I'd been working on it for a while when I discovered that I begun using perspective about halfway through, and thus the mages' quarter of the city looks as if it's tipping over onto the eastern residential quarter.

The city is circular and consists of 5 districts: the market district, which sits at the center of the city and in which is located the famous and indispensable fountain, the mages' district in the south, the lesser residential district in the east (in which is located the primary gate of the city), the royal district in the north, and the greater residential district in the east. The residents refer to the four quarters which surround the market as "leaves."


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